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Here at Medford Landscaping Pros we offer a range of services for both offices and houses. Our professionals can help any home or property owner get the most out of their properties and bring them to life with excellent landscaping solutions. There are many different ways that Medford Landscaping Pros can help a property look its best.

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  • Total irrigation system maintenance
  • Trimming and mulching of landscape beds
  • Autumn clean-ups
  • Grass de-thatching
  • Trimming of vegetation and bushes in both summer and winter months
  • Seasonal color with annuals & persistent rotation
  • Springtime clean-ups
  • Weed control

Lawn Maintenance
If there are solutions that you would certainly such as that do not show up on this listing satisfy consult us. We can work with you to make sure that you get your home or properties landscaping look its very best!

Expert opinions on residential landscaping in Medford Oregon

The first thing that landscaping companies in Medford Oregon would do when they design your garden is to draw its shape on paper. Flower beds, lawn, pathways and entertainment areas are all indicated in the layout. It is important that the real garden and not just the garden on paper retains that shape. To achieve this, a landscaper would use garden edging.

With edging, residential landscaping Medford Oregon experts can divide the garden into functional areas, The maintenance of the garden is easier, and the look is more impactful.

There are many different types of edging available. It need not necessarily be visible, but the result is always the same – edging provides a clear separation between one part of the garden, for example, the lawn, and another part, such as a bed.

Edging in a backyard should serve a purpose and material chosen should be in line with this aim. If your goal is to keep the grass out of your flower beds, a wooden fence that is not solid at the base has no use whatsoever. Rather use cobbles that have been permanently laid on a narrow foundation and finished with neat stucco does – such an edge will make it almost impossible for the grass to grow into the bed.

Doing so will give you a fair line to work with when doing garden maintenance and will prevent the beds becoming bigger, and the lawn smaller as the grass is removed from the beds.

Whatever you decide on, it’s important that the color and type of edging you use suits the style and look of your garden. Opt for a natural color as it’s neater and doesn’t get discolored or look dirty too quickly. If you have a contemporary Garden Design, charcoal or mushroom is a good choice, and in a garden with a country theme, clay stock bricks work very well.

Bricks prove to be a good choice because they age with a garden and moss grow on them over time, which will also complement the aesthetic.

Alternatively, if you want the edging to be less visible, use a metal fencing that can hook together. These fences also work well for curved beds.

Medford Landscaping Pros are convinced that edging reduces the maintenance of a garden and ensure that the shape and size of the beds remain intact. The need for edging that compliments your garden’s appearance are always recommended.

If it so happens that you are not a big fan of edging for flower beds as you feel it can spoil a beautiful garden, then you may want to opt for a natural edge of plants. However, it is important to choose the right ones, so they don’t hang or droop too much.

Plants that overhang the flower bed edges will be chopped off by the edge trimmer or lawn mower, and then you’re left with ugly sticks. Also, plants that encroach on the lawn prevent the sun from reaching the grass and cause dead spots on the lawn. This way, the flower beds just get bigger and bigger.

There are exceptions where garden edging works well. When a garden is designed, so the shape of the garden place a significant role as the look will be spoilt if the lawn loses it shape, edges play a major role. In this instance, edging that is less visible is preferable, because it shouldn’t be the focal point of the garden – it’s just that there to delineate a particular part of the garden and to keep the lawn in place.

If the edging proves to be too dominant, it will be all you’ll see, and the beautiful detail of the garden will be lost.

Edges also work in a very formal small garden which has small, straight lawn areas as rooms. In this instance, repeat an element used in the architecture of the house; for example, use the same cobbles as used on the driveway. As long as it compliments your home, it will work.

Landscapers Medford Oregon recommend edging if you don’t want to spend every weekend in the garden because it definitely reduces maintenance.

Also, use edging if your favorite plants grow quickly and rampantly, and they shoot tend to encroach on the lawn.


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